Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is changing the landscape of health care by putting patients in control. RPM delivers multiple benefits to providers and patients by providing reliable data and allowing providers to modify and improve treatment.

An alternative to in-person medical visits

It is no secret that provider burnout is rampant in health care. The pandemic created enormous strain for physicians, nurses, technicians and administrators. Many patients refused to come in for treatment, even for critical examinations and procedures.

Ideally, an RPM system will include the following essential elements:

  • smart devices that allow for seamless communication between providers and patients
  • daily readings that provide consistent data for diagnoses
  • a commitment for transparent communication from providers and patients
  • all functionality available at home to eliminate risks of in-person visits

Enhanced patient satisfaction and other benefits from RPM

Starting with patient satisfaction, RPM provides a variety of benefits that help patients take control of their own health and makes care easier and more comprehensive for providers. During the pandemic, many providers and patients moved to RPM to avoid the risks of in-person contact. But patients have reported so much satisfaction with using RPM that many plan to continue to use it now that the worst of the pandemic has subsided.

By definition, RPM provides care to patients wherever they are, even in remote locations. Since RPM also provides ongoing feedback to patients, it reduces unnecessary visits to Emergency Departments. In particular, RPM has been shown to benefit Senior Medicare patients suffering from chronic conditions and incurring the highest health care costs. One University of Pittsburgh study noted a 76% reduction is readmission rates for patients using RPM.

Overall, RPM boosts patient satisfaction, caregiver engagement and is creating a new paradigm in which patients take control of their own care. If you would like to learn more about how RPM can create benefits for your organization, please contact our team to learn more.