Remote Patient Monitoring 


People-Powered AI Solutions

One Time Per Patient Onboarding & Device Setup

CPT 99453

RPM setup and patient education

Per Patient Per Year: Device Supply, digital data transmission & programmed alerts

CPT 99454

RPM devices and data transmission

Per Patient Per Year: First 20 minutes of monitoring

CPT 99457

Review, interpretation, and basic communication of RPM data insights.

Per Patient Per Year: Additional 20 minutes of monitoring

CPT 99458

Each additional 20 minutes of RPM time up to 2x.

Total Annual Reimbursement = $2,013 per Patient per Year

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 To hear more about how Remote Patient Monitoring benefits patient engagement and practice revenues listen to founders Robert Pollack MD and Sam Romeo discuss ITS solutions on the Financial Residency podcast.

Improved Medical Outcomes

Monthly Reimbursements

Virtual Patient Engagement

Face-to-face Consultation

Modernize Your Patient Experience

ITS provides remote, AI-powered
patient-care solutions for value based healthcare providers. Our
solutions transform and elevate
telehealth and other remote patient care systems

ITS is Your [Reimbursable] Remote Patient Monitoring Solution

Additional revenue stream data

Extra $200K per 200 patients per year.

Improved Quality of Care


Effective use of provider time

Doctor spends less than 1 hour per month for 100 patients.

Reduced Hospital Visits

  • Designed by behavioral health experts

  • The leading value-based solution on the market

  • Screening workflow for all clinicians – PCPs and specialists

Behavioral Health Management With AI-Powered Technology

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