Sneaky health problems are rampant in modern society. Without advanced warning or regular tracking, a physical imbalance can become fatal in an instant. Without knowing what their vital signs are telling them, people can be at risk for catastrophic health events like strokes and heart attacks.

During the pandemic, many people avoided going to the doctor. As a result, the incidence of diagnosing major health problems such as hypertension and high cholesterol spiked. Fortunately, predictive health care is becoming much more prevalent for individuals and employers.

The ITS biometric app is leading the way for daily health monitoring

One of the most significant advances in health care is the development of digital technologies that give people the ability to track their own vital signs and manage their care programs. Integrated Telehealth Services (ITS) has created an advanced monitoring app that reads and measures the most important elements of a person’s health, including heart rate, respiratory rate, pulse and blood oxygen levels. ITS has also created advanced monitoring tools that address people’s mental health status.

Predictive care can detect and help manage health problems:

The ITS app is designed to be non-invasive and accurate. With its core health care measurement capabilities, the app can provide essential predictive analysis for an array of potential health problems.

Many ailments that have leading indicators are addressed with the ITS app, including:

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • COPD
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Cardiac Disease
  • Post-Operative (all levels)
  • Post-Partum Depression

Biometric Readings for Self-care

The advanced monitoring app developed by ITS makes it possible to take control of your health on a daily basis. The ITS app’s simple, mobile interface makes digital health care management part of your routine and to potentially preempt more serious healthproblems. Please contact us to discuss our app, along with more advanced solutions for the home and workplace.