One of the best ways to increase patient satisfaction is to give them more control over their care. In medicine, one key barometer of success is patient adherence. In turn, patient compliance—the degree to which patients follow the instructions from their providers—helps shape patient adherence and overall satisfaction.

Daily health monitoring provided by devices from Integrated Telehealth Services (ITS) allow patients to be informed about their vital health signs, medication status and other crucial reminders. Through digital devices that can monitor heart rate, blood oxygen levels and even mental health, patients can engage in self-directed care.

ITS reminds patients when to take medications and initiate behaviors


With its advanced monitoring app, ITS is there to help patients with their care plan around the clock. Once a provider has implemented a treatment plan, ITS facilitates the process of reminding patients when to take their medications and to engage in other prescribed behavioral protocols. We have seen incredible improvements in patient adherence and outcomes as a result.

The Sentinel Effect


The Sentinel Effect is a theory that asserts that outcomes can be improved by the process of both observation and measurement. Another way of saying this is that people respond better when they are aware that their behaviors are being evaluated versus just simply observed. A related concept, the Hawthorne Effect, alludes to the ways in which behaviors can change when simply being observed but not evaluated.

With connected health services from ITS, both the Sentinel and Hawthorne Effects come into play. Simple and direct reminders conveyed through digital devices allow for a portable, continuous solution for managing people’s health. Having a system in place, patients can then see how they are performing against benchmarks and this further motivates them to adhere to their care plan.

The ITS app is a game-changing way to promote better patient adherence and outcomes. We invite you to contact us to discuss our powerful suite of healthcare solutions.